Mud Baths

The mud baths in Krinides are the one and only presence within the systematic clay-therapy field.
The surprising properties of clay are well known by the end of last century as it is evidenced by an old erection that you can see nearby the baths.

Clay Infirmary

The Clay Infirmary is situated 3 km west to the village of Krinides and stands as the only Greek presents at the field of clay therapy. The remarkable facilities of clay are known at this area at least from the end of the past century. The presents of an old building next to the infirmary shows that point. This building is believed to be a water pool very helpful for people to wash away clay after the therapy.


The clay-therapy has to be done 3-4 hours after lunch with the urinary bladder empty prior to clay application. The patient has to rest after each application for at least 30 minutes.

Healing Virtues

The healing virtues that are rendered to clays with pharmacological effect are mainly due to the inorganic components that are:

  • antiseptic property
  • matters exchange property (skin – clay)

Τhe healing clay brings an effect:

  • Locally
  • Generally


on skin’s surface


  • increase of skin’s temperature
  • increase of conductance
  • membrane’s capability changes
  • influences on absorption phenomenon
  • congestion of capillary vessels
  • activation of sweat glands
  • activation of enzymes – hormones


Functions through body’s refluxing arcs from materials that enter the organism (sulphur, radon, sodium chloride etc.)


    • Increase of body’s temperature
    • Effect to cardiovascular and circulatory systems
    • Effect to respiratory
    • Influences to water – electrolytes changes
    • Neurotransmission influences (central nervous system, neural conductibility)
    • Influence to immunogenic system
    • Influence to enzymes activation and their transfer to circulation
    • Influence to metabolism
    • Influence to general kinaesthesia


Therapeutic Indications

  • Rheumatology disorders – Traumatic disorders, inflammatory etc. degenerative arthropathies, neuralgias, discopathy, rheumatisms
  • Post-traumatic treatment – for sprains, bruises, pain relief due to fractures
  • Gynaecology Diseases – problems of sterility, inflammatory diseases of genitalia, disturbances of menstruation, amenorrhoea, troubles from adhesions due to gynaecological surgeries, vulvitides, colpitides, pyeloperitonitides
  • Diseases of respiratory system – asthma, chronicle bronchitis
  • Cardiovascular diseases – vascular diseases, phlebitis, endoarteritis
  • Dermatopathies – eczemas, rosaceas, psoriasis, toxic dermatitides
  • Neural system diseases – insomnias, stress, traumatic peripheral paralysis of nerves only if there is a sensorial deletion
  • In aesthetics as cosmetic